Your story – reporting child sexual abuse

Sexual violence happens to children and adolescents in our society. Today, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues would like to give adult survivors as well as witnesses the opportunity to report on child sexual abuse. Did you experience sexual violence before you were 18? Tell us about it. Because every story matters. Even yours!

What options are there for reporting sexual violence?

The Inquiry’s approach: listen, believe, act

Speaking or writing about child sexual abuse can be very challenging and stressful. Some of you might be wondering why you should talk about it. We would like to encourage you to tell us about the offences and their consequences, how those responsible have turned away and the silence of others. Through your story and your experiences and your knowledge, you can help to bring about changes in our society. We will listen to you and read your reports.

We want to use the knowledge we gain to contribute to improving the protection of children and adolescents as well as the support and rights of adults who suffered sexual violence in childhood or adolescence. In addition to the survivors, we would also like to give witnesses such as friends, other relatives, parents or teachers the opportunity to report on the injustices they experienced.

2. The Inquiry will handle all stories confidentially and keep them securely.

3. The Inquiry will publish its findings and survivor stories without giving names or locations.

It [abuse] is like a backpack that you gradually empty every time you tell your story. In the end you will still have the backpack, but it will no longer weigh you down as much.
Graphic with quote: "With my story, I would like to encourage survivors to follow their own path."
Website “Survivors’ voices”: Claudia’s Story

Stories that matter

In January 2022, the Inquiry launched a project that is unique in Germany: survivors of sexual abuse inflicted during childhood and adolescence can now tell their stories on the website “Survivors’ voices”. More than 120 reports have been published so far. The portal will be continuously expanded and become a place of remembrance for the life achievements of those survivors.

Witnesses can also submit a report

Inquiry member Julia Gebrande explains: Apart from the survivors, there are also other people who can bear witness to sexual violence against children and adolescents. They include neighbours, teachers, people from a sports club or another leisure facility or children, friends and parents. Witnesses could also be trusted people such as therapists or counselling centre employees.

Current figures

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