Written report – write down your child sexual abuse experiences.

Were you subjected to sexual abuse during your childhood or adolescence, i.e. did the offences occur before you were 18? Or are you a witness, such as a nursery school teacher, a teacher, a trainer or a social worker? A written report is one way in which you can report this to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues.

Share your story in writing!

You can write to us if you do not want to tell the Inquiry your story during a private hearing. Even without giving us your name and location if you prefer. Your report will help the Inquiry find out what made sexual violence in childhood possible and what politicians and society must change so that children will be better protected from sexual violence in the future.

1. You can report on your experience in various ways:

Submitting a written report anonymously by e-mail or letter

2. The Inquiry will handle all stories confidentially and keep them securely.

3. The Inquiry will publish its findings and survivor stories without giving names or locations.

Assistance for writing the report

Orientation Questions

Sexual abuse in an institution

Orientation Questions

Sexual abuse, e.g. in the family or social enviroment, by exteral perpetrators or organised crime


You can send us your report by e-mail or letter.
Please read ourinformation on data protection for written reports beforehand. This explains the purpose for which we collect data from written reports and how we process them.

e-mail: kontakt@aufarbeitungskommission.de

Postal address:
Independent Commission for the Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse
P.O. Box 110129, 10831 Berlin

Service hotline processing
0800 40 300 40

Free-of-charge and anonymous in 18 languages

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