Critical reappraisal formats

Critical reappraisal of child sexual abuse: what options does the Inquiry have?

The focus of the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues is holding private hearings and reading written reports from adults who survived sexual violence during their childhood and adolescence. The Inquiry also wants to create an opportunity to hear witnesses and let them share their own experiences. Key issues emerge from the reports.

The Inquiry delves deep into these issues in non-public workshops and passes on its findings to society through public hearings and specialist conferences. It reports regularly on its work. The initial results were published in the 2019 report as well as in case studies and expert reports.

The work focuses on the survivors and their childhood experiences. The Inquiry wants to establish safe areas that make it possible to talk about experiences of sexual abuse in the family, in a sports club, in a home or in a boarding school.
Heiner Keupp, Inquiry member


Workshops are non-public specialist discussions in which the Inquiry holds in-depth discussions with the survivors and other experts about specific key issues. The Inquiry would also like to learn about the experiences of those who have already undertaken reappraisal projects and incorporate them into its own work.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen sitzt um einen Tisch herum und spricht miteinander. Unter ihnen befinden sich auch Mitglieder der Kommission.

Research projects & Studies

There is a lack of knowledge about successful reappraisal and how children and adolescents can be adequately protected and how the survivors can be better supported in the future. The Inquiry also wants to contribute to this through its own research projects. Selected confidential hearings and written reports are evaluated as part of its research work. Additional surveys are sometimes carried out into selected issues, e.g. through interviews or questionnaires.
The Inquiry also commissions case studies and external projects, some of which also use findings from the confidential hearings and written reports. They provide the Inquiry with an important basis for selected priorities.

Specialist events

The Inquiry focuses on individual issues in specialist events such as conferences or expert discussions. Some of these are implemented jointly with institutions that deal with critical reappraisals in various sectors.

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