Gruppenfoto der Aufarbeitungskommission, von links nach rechts: Stephan Rixen, Ulrike Hoffmann, Matthias Katsch, Julia Gebrande, Silke Gahleitner, Barbara Kavemann, Heiner Keupp

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues

About us

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues has been investigating the extent, nature and consequences of sexual violence against children and adolescents in the Federal Republic of Germany and the former GDR since 2016. Learn more about how the Inquiry works, what its tasks and objectives are, who the Inquiry’s members are, who the Inquiry works with and what issues it researches.

Critical reappraisal

What is critical reappraisal? What does critical reappraisal mean to society? What are its objectives? What does the Inquiry see as sexual violence against children and adolescents and how does it organise its work accordingly? What is the status of reappraisal in Germany and internationally? The following pages provide answers to these and other questions relating to the issue that the Inquiry is focused on.


There is a lack of knowledge about how children and adolescents can be adequately protected and how the survivors can be better helped. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Issues aims to contribute to this through studies and research projects. The stories and reports from the survivors and witnesses are scientifically evaluated for this purpose.


The mandate also defines the objectives and tasks of the Inquiry, the independence of the Inquiry and its members and the consultation and investigation formats being used. It also describes the cooperation with the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues, the Inquiry’s reporting as well as funding and organisational issues.

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